Zoological and Floral Eco-tour

St. Maarten Park is a unique Zoological, Botanical and Floral Garden with a focus on the Caribbean and American Tropics.


Visitors can enjoy a pleasant stroll and discover many animals in a colorful tropical garden setting.

Discover over 80 species including the largest display of exotic parrots in the Caribbean.

A Reptile House, Walk-through Aviaries and a Nocturnal Exhibit showcase many of the unique species of this region.

Squirrel Monkeys are a delight to watch on their island home, while Ocelots, Bush Dogs, Golden Lion Tamarins and Capybarras amaze visitors
with their beautiful and unusual appearance.

St Maarten Park also has a colorful and original boutique with many souvenir items, the largest children's playground on St Maarten and an outdoor seating area to relax and take a break.

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